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Carol Maddox via - Jul 28, 2020
Great food, great service, good prices. Wish they had a full bar.
Larry Devereaux via - Jul 19, 2020
Love it ... read more
Tim Healey via - Jul 12, 2020
Dine outside for the moment. Excellent food, great atmosphere!
Mike Goes via - Jul 12, 2020
Great food
Great food. Never disappointed. They have a wonderful menu and service is great. Wish they served cocktails.
alacattle via - Jul 11, 2020
Pretty good fish and chips, excellent tartar sauce.
Leann Bennett via - Jul 5, 2020
We had a wonderful in this spot. We loved the amazing atmosphere and the meals. The staff members are super attentive. I’m happy we eventually decided to try this restaurant.
Joseph Cook via - Jul 4, 2020
Nice place ... read more
Ryan is my name via - Jun 11, 2020
Awesome service great food. Great atmosphere. Outdoor seating is great. Staff is super friendly!
Matt Miller via - May 29, 2020
When we finally got service, it was great. The servers acted like a team and weren't above taking care of a request that came from another servers table. The food was good with a reasonable price. Was pleased to see they were allowed to be open.
Judy Whitfield via - May 27, 2020
Mark Adams via - May 24, 2020
I always have great food at the Rock whenever I go there, but oh my God look at the picture of this brownie! I am halfway through it, and I have never had a brownie that tasted like this!....its chewy on the edges, double chocolate gooey in the center....dam! I just went there because they told me that they were selling food product ... read more
Ghidossi Paul via - May 10, 2020
We just had Trash Can Nachos to go. We ordered and paid online. The order was on time. So simple. They were so so good. Each ingredient was packaged separately and piping hot. Delicious 😋 ... read more
Shirley Vierth via - May 1, 2020
Amazing food. Would drive an hour again just to eat there!
Monica Bundy via - Mar 10, 2020
Excellent food and atmosphere ... read more
Mark Kerr via - Mar 9, 2020
We went to have lunch at The Rock after others told us how great the food was. Unfortunately, it did not meet up to the hype. The staff was friendly, but service was slow. My husband had a burger with garlic onion rings and I had the trash can nachos. The burger had little flavor and the nachos were mostly chips. I am not sure about ... read more
Nicole Jacobs via - Mar 1, 2020
Got the Kobe Bacon BBQ burger that was good but had way too much sauce on it but it was tasty and next time I will request sauce on the side.
Malinda Farias via - Feb 26, 2020
Had a very good experience in here with my wife. The food came quickly and the customer service is just awesome. Prices are reasonable.
Nicholas Fisher via - Feb 24, 2020
Great Burgers n Beers ... read more
Luis Alberto Garibay via - Feb 17, 2020
The food is decent once you get seated but they are lousy about seating large groups when others are clearly done, want to leave and pay, and then need the table bussed. The downtime in-between groups is too long and they are only hurting themselves but not seating the next party quickly.
Christopher Hanzel via - Feb 15, 2020
Good food and good prices ... read more
Jay S via - Feb 14, 2020
My very favorite restaurant in all of Tuolumne County. Friendly staff great service consistently good food. Fun music in the summer and my great danes loving having dinner on the deck with me. Couldn't ask for anything better.
Dane Lady via - Feb 10, 2020
Really liked the sweet potato fries.
Steve Watson via - Feb 10, 2020
Restaurant it's nice not lots of room but everybody seems to fit in. Food is good and staff is friendly. You seem to run out of parking quickly. . But you can always park across the street at the post office or something. The place is unique and design has rounded Windows kind of like a ship. There is a bar for those who like to have ... read more
Audrey Benicki via - Feb 9, 2020
Lilrette Lilrette via - Feb 8, 2020
Always good , a little busy tonight. Burgers and tri tip sandwich killer.! Double Yar!
ed Tallman via - Feb 7, 2020
Great food and service!
Mark Kraft via - Jan 27, 2020
Food was good as always.
Stacy E via - Jan 27, 2020
If you don't mind spending $16 for a hamburger...
Dean Mabury via - Jan 27, 2020
Great burgers ... read more
Dakota Hanson via - Jan 25, 2020
Great food selection. Good beers.
Walter Alcivar via - Jan 20, 2020
Super yummy and excellent service!
Cameron Ball via - Jan 8, 2020
Food is nothing too special. It's really expensive.
DeviantPredator via - Jan 7, 2020
One of the best burgers ive ever had. 1/2 lb of juicy Wagu and blue cheese in brioche. Sweet potato fries. Enough said.
John R via - Jan 5, 2020
Have been going there for several years, food has been good with Quick Service. Typical sports bar on Game Night. If expecting the Ritz don't go, food quality has drooped a bit lately ... read more
Richard Sparks via - Jan 5, 2020
Heather Duvall via - Jan 1, 2020
Always good quality of food and service ... read more
Al De Bella via - Dec 24, 2019
Just a really good place for sandwiches and beer. A friendly place.
Kingston Cole via - Dec 20, 2019
Good food, lots of draft beers, nice service ... read more
Richard Cavil via - Nov 10, 2019
Great food & service. A bit crowded, but worth it.
Mark Hawn via - Nov 9, 2019
Great food in a relaxed atmosphere.
Michael Russell via - Nov 5, 2019
Really good food!
Javier Diaz via - Oct 31, 2019
Great place to eat and drink.
Mike Harding via - Oct 29, 2019
This spot is worth visiting. They have big portions for fair prices. Always well organized and with great atmosphere. I highly recommend this place.
R Lamb via - Oct 26, 2019
Great place to eat ... read more
Old Volks via - Oct 19, 2019
My favorite little local bit of goodness.
Michael Preston via - Oct 17, 2019
Try the desserts!
thearchergravity via - Oct 15, 2019
Great chicken wings and service. Lively place. Would love to see more local local beers.
Martin Saberton via - Oct 12, 2019
Must go place ... read more
Edward Cambora via - Oct 11, 2019
Great food, friendly staff!
Wouter Vdm via - Oct 11, 2019
Cool place. Good food ... read more
Stan Parsley via - Oct 10, 2019
Local favorite ... read more
Kim Garro via - Oct 9, 2019
Staff is really sweet and the burgers are divine ... read more
Mackenzie via - Oct 5, 2019
It was ok. The steaks were extremely salty. But the major issue unfortunately was the young man bussing tables. I do not mean to be rude but your B.O. was overwhelming, when you put the menus under your arm your body oder lingered with us until the menus were taken away. Dessert saved the night. That was amazing. Waitress was sweet.
Megan Fallon via - Oct 4, 2019
Cool little bar. Decent selection of beers and some nice burgers. Definitely have one of their desserts—they're beyond amazing.
Joel Croteau via - Oct 4, 2019
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